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« on: May 10, 2017, 03:51:39 PM »
Hey there.  After a couple years of looking at vans - Transits, Promasters and Sprinters, I've decided to stay small and just go with the latest available version of the original van inspiration and get an EV to set up for our camping travels.  Pretty much settled on a 2001-2003 Weekender.

Exploring EVWs I've seen xtremejeep/CaveVan's projects as I've lurked and now I see this forum.  Excellent!   Seems that as useful as Samba (and Vortex) are for general stuff this is the place to connect for EVs   - thanks, Cole for doing this !

I'm going to be zeroing in on a van in the next few weeks to buy and hope to be able to check my options with you guys here.   I also hope to be able to make use of CaveVan for any upgrading that I can farm out...kinda hoping for a ruined pop-tent so I can get one of the big three windows !

I wonder if it's better to ask for advice here or on the WTB discussions?


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